01/2024 Proceedings

Bender, Benedict | Schmidt, Pamela | Winter, Robert | Narasimhan, Sathya

Introduction to the Minitrack on Enterprise Ecosystems: The Integrated Enterprise, Levels of Information Systems Research (Process, Enterprise-, Ecosystem- & Industry-Level)


hile Information Systems Research exists at the individual and workgroup levels, research on IS at the enterprise level is less common. The potential synergies between the study of enterprise systems (ES) and related fields have been underexplored and often treated as separate entities. The ongoing challenge is to seamlessly integrate technological advances and align business processes across organizations. While systems integration within an organization is common, changes occur when industry and ecosystem perspectives come into play. The four selected papers address different facets of the future role of enterprise ecosystems, including implementation challenges, ecosystem boundaries, and B2B platform specifics.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Bender, Benedict; Schmidt, Pamela; Winter, Robert; Narasimhan, Sathya
Bandtitel Proceedings of the 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences | 2024
Datum 01/2024
Konferenztitel 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
DOI https://hdl.handle.net/10125/107149
Keywords Information Systems Research, ERP , Enterprise-level, Enterprise Systems