12/2019 Proceedings

Bender, Benedict | Thim, Christof | Linke, Felix

Platform Coring in the Browser Domain - An Exploratory Study


Modern web browsers are digital software platforms, as they allow third-parties to extend functionality by providing extensions. Given the intense competition, differentiation through provided functionality is a key factor for browser platforms. As browsers progress, they constantly release new features. Browsers might thereby enter complementary markets if they add functionality formerly provided by third-party extensions, which is referred to as ‘platform coring’. Previous studies missed the perspective of the involved parties. To address this gap, we conduct interviews with third-party and core developers in the security and privacy domain from Firefox and Chrome. In essence, the study provides three contributions. First, insights into stakeholder-specific issues concerning coring. Second, measures to prevent coring. Third, strategical guidance for developers and owners. Third-parties experienced and core developers acknowledged coring to occur on browser platforms. While developers with extrinsic motivations assess coring negatively, developers with intrinsic motivations perceive coring positively.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Bender, Benedict; Thim, Christof; Linke, Felix
Datum 12/2019
pp. -0
DOI https://aisel.aisnet.org/icis2019/is_heart_of_innovation_ecosystems/innovation_ecosystems/4/
Keywords Platform Coring, Browser Platforms, Platform Innovation, Firefox, Chrome
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