08/2024 Proceedings

Gießmann, Nico | Bender, Benedict

Towards a Unified Framework for Evaluating User Satisfaction with Mobile Government Apps: Insights from User Reviews


This study aims to bring together scattered research findings on user satisfaction with mobile government apps into a unified framework. The researchers analyzed 70 high-quality papers from leading journals and conferences and systematically integrated different frameworks and case studies to reflect the importance of the field over time while also highlighting methodological and geographical research gaps. The study achieved a significant methodological advance by developing codebooks for empirical analysis utilizing the App Store. This approach validated the framework’s dimensions on 8,524 reviews, demonstrating the framework’s applicability to platform-based apps and identifying critical areas for future research. Combining academic insights with practical findings, this research provides comprehensive guidance for developing and evaluating user-centered mobile government apps, facilitating improved service delivery and alignment with user expectations.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Gießmann, Nico; Bender, Benedict
Datum 08/2024
Keywords Mobile Government, User Satisfaction, Mobile Platforms